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Standard and Custom Pallets

Pallets and Skids

Custom Pallets

We can custom build any pallet type according to customer supplied specifications for species, size, and weight, as well as other requirements. We also build standard two-way, four-way, solid deck, and block pallets, among others. Tell us your needs and let us help meet your requirements.

Custom Engineered Pallets

Designed specifically for your product, we can assist you in maximizing efficiency and truck space by the use of two-way or four-way entry pallets. Custom pallets are built to order.

ISPM-15 / Heat Treated Pallets & Skids

We can provide Pest resistant (ISPM-15) and Heat Treated (HT) stamped pallets and skids can help your company grow globally. Our export lumber certification stamps will allow your products to move across borders without delay, ensuring timely, safe delivery to your customers.